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Autumn hiking, lunch in the woods and ginger infused tea… Hilton Falls

Some moments in life you can’t wait to end and some you wish would last forever. Our family hikes are definitely falling in the group of pleasures that we try to make as long as possible. There is nothing more important than being together, exploring new paths, experiencing nature and noticing the changes happening around.  There are many provincial parks and conservation areas where we live that offer us exactly what we need. One that is closest to us and also is one of our favourite, is Hilton Falls Conservation Area. With many trails of different difficulty and a gorgeous mix of trees and landscapes, it is so easy to forget about the world outside and spend the entire  day there. This is why we always bring lots of food with us so we don’t have to leave when someone gets hungry ( fresh air always builds huge appetite!). Sandwiches, fruits and soup in the thermos are a must! And during colder months there is no way to omit hot tea with honey and aromatics.

lunch eaten on a beaver’s dam tastes even better!

no matter what time of the year, the forest is always full of life… lot’s of things to explore and observe

definitely my cup of tea ;)

Bryan’s foot stuck in the tree but he refused any help :)

Infused tea for four ( version for thermos )

4 cups water

3 bags or 2 tsp loose white or black tea

2 thick lemon slices with skin ( preferably organic )

8 thin slices ginger

4 tsp natural honey

pinch of cinnamon

4 cups thermos

Bring water to boil. Place the tea, ginger and cinnamon in the thermos. Pour hot water and let steep for about 5 minutes. Add lemon, close thermos tight.  Add honey after pouring the tea in the cup just before drinking.