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Back in time journey with Halton County Radial Railway

Trains or airplanes? What is your favourite way to travel? Planes are convenient and fast but in my opinion they will never match the excitement of travelling by train for the reason that the views you are able to experience while on the way are spectacular. One of the biggest dreams for our family is to travel by train across Canada and then across Europe, Asia….. and so on! Long rides snaking through mountains, along the shores or even through wide and never ending prairies. I sometimes like to imagine the times before aircraft, when the train was the only way to travel long distances. The times when the trains were beautifully crafted, with wood finishes, gorgeous  chandeliers and the bell ringing once in the while. I don’t have to explain the excitement when we learnt about the train museum that restores and operates these kinds of trains. Halton County Radial Railway is a state of the art restoration facility and museum and our family had the pleasure of experiencing this one of a kind and beautiful place with passionate and dedicated operators and mechanics. Thank you to all of you for the great memory!

Bob knows this place like the back of his hand! There are no questions about the station that he can’t answer!

many amazing artifacts telling the story of this wonderful place

We met so many amazing people at this place. One of them is Gord. Captivating storyteller with great sense of humor!

At the end station there is beautiful garden with a pond. Make sure to take some time just to enjoy the moment…

… and remember to bring a picnic basket! There are many picnic tables waiting for you to enjoy a meal with family or friends

Oswald is another HDRR team member thanks to whom our  visit was super fun and unforgettable!

More information about this one of a kind museum you can find here

and here is a little video from our trip :)