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Flip the coin road trip

When it comes to simple life pleasures three things are high on our list: quality time spent with family, camping and road trips exploring new places. A couple of years ago we got the idea to combine all three things  in one, but with a twist.  We would go on a two week long road trip without any planned destinations and our only guidance would be a coin which we would flip in the air in order to determine the direction it will take us. Then we would look on the map for a Conservation Area, National or Provincial Park where we can pitch our tent ( preferably a place we didn’t visit before). While on the road we would explore all the small towns and villages that we pass through and experience the local life. There is no rush, no reservations and we would usually stay a few days in one place before we flip the coin again and again and again. This year the coin took us to three beautiful Ontario Parks  located in southwest Ontario on two out of five famous Great Lakes: Lake Erie and Lake Huron. I will write more about each location in future posts but for now here is just a short video highlighting our July flip the coin road trip!