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Family quality time – excercising together

Life is busy and I’m sure we all wish and try our best to find ways of staying healthy, fit and spend more quality time together with family. Busy schedules with after school activities, social events and other commitments often make it hard to find time for exercising, going for a walk or just enjoy each other’s company. This is why we decided to make exercising together our scheduled family activity! Yes, exactly the same as you would have your hockey, soccer or dance classes :) This way it is so much easier to stay on track, be consistent and motivate each other. It really works well for our family and it brings so much joy to all of us. Each one of us leads the group for a different set of exercises so we never know what is next and there is so much room for creativity because our motto is simple: it doesn’t have to be perfect just keep moving and have fun with it! It really became the kind of family event that we all look forward to.

Calming the mind and soaking the energy from the nature is our way to start and finish our exercising routine. Just raising arms and deep breathing is enough to start feeling relaxed and present

Jumping is definitely Maria’s favourite form of exercising and it is a part of our cardio portion. We all have lots of fun but none of us looks as good as this little ballerina while hopping around ;)

rock climbing – the park edition

alternating between running with speed walking and chatting is my favourite :)

rocks make wonderful weights and the large selection of sizes allows each person to choose the perfect one!

benches are great for crunches…

….strengthening ( who can last longer in the position )…

…push ups…

…step ups…

…bicep dips and of course much more!

and after all this hard work you deserve some rest… why not on the grass under the tree :)

happy family exercising!