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Dundas Buskerfest

Sometimes, when we don’t feel like going anywhere far, we like to explore some of the older towns located close to our home. One of our favourite is Dundas – this is one of the most beautiful towns on the outskirts of Hamilton. We love to go there for dinner or just walk down the small streets and admire the fantastic old architecture and, at this time of the year, wonderful mature gardens carefully maintained by proud homeowners. Dundas also happens to be a home to an International buskerfest which takes place annually on the first full weekend of June. It became our tradition to go there at least for one day and enjoy a variety of acts, laid back atmosphere and of course the festival food! Here are some pictures we are happy to share :)

Bryan wearing Alakazam’s hat

Funny and talented Alakazam from Sydney Australia was the first act we saw on that day

Fruit curving artists

the guy on the left allowed himself to get lost in the dance, he really showed us some impressive moves ;)

apparently the gasoline does not taste good!… but looks spectacular!

Since the lineup to the funnel cake was too long for this sweet tooth to wait, we went to Jax for some cakes

Lots of local ( and not so local) artists selling their products

Just give me a bucket… and I will make some great music!

Louisiana vibes :)

Stewards of Cootes Watershed – bunch of extremely nice and passionate volunteers who dedicate their free time to clean Cootes marsh from all the garbage dumped into the waters and land

Don’t worry, the cigarette wasn’t real!

As always we had an amazing time at the Buskerfest. The variety of acts is wide enough that everyone can find something interesting. From musicians of different styles and genres, through comedians, crafters, magicians to contortionists, jugglers, dancers and gymnastics. All you wish for is there :)

Until next year!