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First spring blooms

When Bryan was in grade two we made a very important decision of limiting the use of the car to the bare minimum.  The first and the biggest change for us was to start walking to and from school, every day no matter what the weather was like. We did it for three years ( rain, snow or sunshine ) until the kids went to a new school which is way too far for walking… It was the most amazing experience and we hope that one day we will be able to repeat it. I could write so many pages on all the benefits that came from it but today I want to focus only on one thing. Walking to school allowed us to experience all the changes happening in our neighborhood. The falling leaves  in the autumn and the new life in the spring. We all know how fast changes happen and each day brings something new. We were able to see even the smallest growths comparing to what we saw the day before. Nowadays, we still don’t want to miss out on anything so we try to go for at least short walks every single day and spring with all its beauty makes it so easy :) Be present.

Happy Spring!