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Spring – Easter wreath

The Spring is all around us and last weekend could not be more perfect! Beautiful weather with sunshine from the early morning hours definitely encouraged us to spend lots of time outside. We went for long walks and for the first time this year, our family bike ride. We could not get enough of the view of tiny juicy green leaves and  first spring flowers showing off their gorgeous colorful petals… All the freshness and upcoming Easter inspired us to create a spring wreath for our door.  Making your own decorations has so many benefits. Firstly (in the case of this project ) you have to go for a walk to pick up some branches to make the circular base, then you might want to organize your craft box ( as I did!) and see if there is anything you could use for the project :) and lastly you can put on your favourite music and let your creativity flow… if you have some helpers that is even better! Projects made with your family or friends are such an amazing way to spend some quality tome together! Have fun :)

You will need:

circular base made of long flexible branches

flowers, eggs, ribbons…

hot glue gun

craft wire or string to keep branches together

This is how you do it:

Weave and tie together branches to create circle of desired size. If you want to skip this step you can buy an already made one at Michaels craft store. Arrange the flowers and all the materials you choose to use on the base and then secure them with a hot glue gun. Attach string or ribbon to hang it. Done!


And here are some ideas for decorating Easter Eggs :)