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For the past two days there was a lot of snow falling accompanied by gusting winds, so instead of going to the lake we preferred to go for walk to the nearby forest hoping that the trees will give us some protection from the wind. But today, the day welcomed us with beautiful sunshine so there was no doubt that the lake must be on our map! Right after breakfast  we quickly went to the lake to see what’s new. The view we found over there was spectacular,  like from the set of the movie “Frozen”. Every year at some point of the winter we experience this phenomenon but we can never get tired of it! We know, that after a very cold day with strong winds the ice sculpture will be waiting for us! So instead of complaining about winter let’s embrace it! There is so much to love about it….

this is what I call the perfect timing!

the day before, the waves were reaching as high as the highest icicle here! Mother nature’s incredible art

living by the lake is such a blessing! Every day there is something different than the day before

in the ice cave

my favourite spot completely covered with ice

gorgeous ice chandeliers melting slowly in the sun

everyone was happy to see the sun back :) the duck family decided to take a little nap