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Maple syrup festival

What is more Canadian than Maple! The red maple leaf proudly takes center of the national flag and maple syrup is probably the most associated product with our country. Every person visiting us from abroad always goes home with a bottle of this sweet delicacy.  Maria loves maple syrup so much that she always reminds me to buy another bottle when the current one reaches about half way. No matter if you love it or not, visiting maple syrup festivals is a great way to spend time with family and friends and enjoy the outdoors! There are many places across Canada, so just google your area. We try to go every year to a different place and this year we went to the Maple Town in Mountsberg Conservation Area. We learnt a lot, we ate a lot and we spent a wonderful Sunday there. The maple season lasts till about mid April so don’t miss it!

Maple Town is located in Mountsberg Conservation Area and it is a wonderful place to visit. We learnt lots of facts about maple syrup and the way it  was made by Pioneers and the First Nations.

Making the maple syrup the traditional way is a long process. It takes about 2-3 days to boil down the sap ” sweet water” to the syrup stage. The wonderful people working at the Maple Town are happy to share all their knowledge :)

and short video:

Mountsberg Maple Syrup Festival 2017

Canada's 150th birthday is a great occasion to celebrate everything Canadian! And what is more Canadian then #maplesyrup :) Last Sunday our family had a wonderful time at Mountsberg Conservation Area enjoying the maple syrup festival and this is how it went…..#canada150 #ontario150 #maple150 Conservation Halton Discover Burlington Ontario Tourism Hamilton The Heart of Ontario Ontario Travel Halton Region Momstown Oakville/Mississauga Sheryl Plouffe Halton Parks

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The day was cold and we were happy to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate and delicious hot cider!

and of course we stocked up on our favourite maple treats! Cookies and tons of lollipops :)

More information on this festival you can find here