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Ice age adventure!

February is a month host to one of my favourite holidays – Family Day! It is a statutory holiday in Ontario and falls on the third Monday of February giving us a long weekend! Lots of wonderful family oriented activities and events takes place during the entire weekend and I really love seeing people gathering together and enjoying each others company. Whole generations slowing down and spending quality family time. The weather was also very supportive, after a huge snowstorm just a week ago, this weekend treated us with spring like temperatures and sun all around! We spent tons of time outside but also went to one of our favourite places that happened to be just a few minutes away from our home – Royal Botanical Gardens. There is always something interesting going on and this time we went back in time right to the Ice Age…

and short video!

The Big freeze event is available until April 17 2017 but even if you can’t make it on time there is always something going on at Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington!