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A simply beautiful day

I don’t belong to that group of people who’s mood  is greatly affected  by the weather but let me tell you I was slowly slipping into the blues by the end of January. The entire month was grey and gloomy with no sun whatsoever. Maybe one or two days had some sunshine but it was not enough to cheer me up! Today morning everything changed and I felt like a new person and all because of the snow and sunshine! What a perfect combination to change peoples mood and bring smiles to their faces! As soon as I woke up I noticed some snow. There was no sign of sunshine but the snow was good enough for me. I knew I have to go to the lake at least for a short walk to see the winter scenery. When I got there the sky was still covered with clouds but it was so beautiful. Clean and bright from the white fluff. It was not much snow but enough to cover the grey and brown and cold enough to freeze all the mud puddles… Such a beautiful day!

When I got to the lake the sky was still covered with clouds but not for very long…

my beloved birch trees – very often appearing in my photographs

no matter how cold it is there is always at least one paddler conquering the lake… this one is making his way to the sun

I hope those pictures made your day a bit brighter :)