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Butterfly Conservatory

I am so happy I was finally able to go through all the pictures we took since the New Year and somewhat organize them in folders. I don’t know why I take so many photos :) Anyway, last Saturday, we got tired of the cold wind constantly blowing with such a strength that every attempt of spending time outside would quickly turn into running home to warm up with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Early in the morning, Mike got a brilliant idea of visiting one of the nicest and warmest places around. No, we did not go to Florida but we visited an equally beautiful place – The Butterfly Conservatory! We spent the entire day there soaking up the warmth and beauty of this wonderful place.  Here are some photos and if you are patient enough, at the end of this post you will also find a short video we made while there!!!

even dead and behind the glass those guys still look a bit creepy!

beautiful owl butterfly feeding on banana

I put my hand next to the owl butterfly to show the actual size

hmmm… I wish to know what Bryan is thinking about…

back to the colourful butterflies

here is a little nursery where all the butterflies are being “born”

when the caterpillar is ready to transform it creates a shell known as chrysalis.  In this stage they are being sent to the conservatory from different parts of the world. The chrysalis is gently placed in this special place for the butterfly to emerge.

here is a butterfly hanging on his chrysalis almost ready for the first flight!

Maria got splashed with water :)

the butterflies at the conservatory feed on fresh fruits and they drink orange Gatorade!

my sweet photographer :)

well we may have a long way to achieve the perfect family selfie but we are working on it ;)

and here is the promised video ( a bit loud due to the indoor waterfall )