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December in pictures

December is such a special month when we not only focus on everyday stuff but often reflect on the entire year. For us it is a month of celebration since we all love Christmas and try to stretch the feel and spirit from the very first day of the month. It is a month when we try to spend even more time together, meet with dear people who we don’t see as often as we would wish to and just soak in each other’s presence. It is the time of gratitude and giving back.  Here are just a couple of pictures capturing wonderful moments during last month. Unfortunately one of my memory cards got lost, therefore a lot of the memories will remain in our hearts only.

Our oversized Advent calendar made counting to Christmas so much fun

Decorating the house for Christmas is always a very exciting task. Over the year we often forget what is hiding in the boxes… Here is Mr. Dangling Feet claiming his favourite spot.

at the Christmas tree farm

one of the last pictures of our dearest friend….

It was Kasha’s last Christmas. After 23 years with our family she quietly left forever. We are thankful for such a wonderful friend.