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Advent calendar

Can you believe it is already December?! This month is all about Christmas to our family. We decorate, bake, volunteer and reflect, and we start right at the beginning of the month with an Advent calendar. It all started when the kids were just a couple of years old with the chocolate calendar you can get literally everywhere. I loved seeing them all excited every time they opened another little window in the morning even though they knew exactly what they are going to find.  The joy and excitement encouraged me to become a bit more creative and year after year I try to make my own calendars. This year I went huge but not in terms of money spent expensive but huge in size since the calendar took the entire wall!

It looks spectacular and it became such a fun Christmas decoration on its own.

You will need:


24 gift bags

24 gift tags

push pins ( I used clear)

basic Christmas tree lights

green  tree branch

scotch tape



This is how you do it:


Using push pins secure the lights to the wall in any desired shape leaving enough room for the bags. I made 4 columns and 6 rows. Do not poke the wire!!!


I placed the pin in between the wires


at the back of each gift tag write the numbers from 1 to 24


cut small pieces of the greenery


and tie it to the gift tag


place the gift tag in front of the bag and fold the string over inside the bag


secure the string with  tape


to hang gift bags, space evenly 24 push pins


Now all you have to do is to fill the bags with tiny items or sweets and let the kids to do the rest!