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Amaryllis for Christmas

If you have been following  my blog for a year now ( I thank you so much!) you probably remember our Christmas tree tradition   we started last year. We are all excited to continue it for years to come but it does not stop us from implementing new ideas which hopefully will become our family traditions as well. There are so many memories from my childhood associated with Christmas and one of them is a beautiful, red Amaryllis decorating the living room. My dad was the green thumb and he knew what to do to make sure that the plant will flower right on time! Well, I am not sure if we will be able to grow the same bulb year after year as he did, but we will certainly try. If not we will buy new bulbs every year since they are available literally everywhere at this time of the year. I read, that in order to enjoy the bloom for Christmas and New Year the bulb has to be plant in early to mid November. So here we are. I bought 3 bulbs at Longo’s since they were on sale 3 for $9.99 and it came with a pot and soil.  In 6 to 8 weeks we should have a beautiful Amaryllis decorating our living room exactly how I remember :)


Maria took charge of planting and taking care for the plants :) We will see if she got the “green thumb” after her grandpa ;)


The boxes came nicely wrapped like little presents



The set comes with a bulb, soil and plastic pot with saucer. We used our own clay pots since we had some empty ones from Summer






Now we just have to wait for them to grow and I hope they will bloom in time for Christmas!

Who else plants Amaryllis for the Holidays?