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Easy project – chalkboard DIY

During the months of October and November Maria’s ballet school prepares for the annual performance of “The Nutcracker”. The closer to the show the more intense it gets and the rehearsals are held even on Sundays which for us means less adventures and more time spent at home. This is usually the time when we do the most decorating and DIY projects. Last weekend we decided to add more personality to our dinning area. We brain stormed ideas and the first thought was to create a couple of paintings and frame some of our favourite quotes but hand written. But all of a sudden I remembered how Maria was always asking us to purchase a chalkboard for her, and that is how we put those two ideas together. A large chalkboard on the wall will allow us to create art and write messages and it will add fun with a personal touch. The ready to use chalkboard paint is widely available in paint stores, but we made our own since we had all the necessary ingredients on hand from my previous projects. Making your own paint has the benefit that you can make it in any colour you want.


You will need:

1 can chalkboard paint 887 ml ( info on how to make your own chalkboard paint at the end of this post)

1 sheet of hardboard ( cut to desired size)

brush or roller

paint tray if you use a roller

4-6 screws depending on the size of your board

This is how you do it:


If you are using store bought ready to use chalk board paint just follow instructions on the package. 

Prepare chalkboard paint following instructions at the bottom of this post. Make sure that you have the board and all tools ready to go when you finish mixing the paint as it will dry quite fast. Paint one layer with a brush or foam roller ( we used roller). Let it dry. The paint dries very quickly and since our board was large by the time Mike got to the end of the board the starting end was already dry. Paint another layer, let dry and repeat until you will use all of the paint. Let it dry for about 1 hour before hanging on the wall.


We promised Maria to wait for her til after she came from rehearsal so she can be the part of the project. Because of the time change it was already dark outside when we were working


due to the large size of our board ( 72″ x 36″ ) we used 6 screws to secure it to the wall



the board is hanging and ready to be conditioned


to condition the board just cover the whole thing with chalk and then wipe it off with dry towel or cloth


we added a little ledge to store the chalk and voila!


Make your own chalkboard paint:

2 cups of any kind latex paint

1 cup Plaster of Paris

about 1/3 cup warm water

In a small container mix well Plaster of Paris with water until it is very smooth and Greek yogurt like consistency. Add to the paint and quickly mix very well.

We used these amount to cover 72″ x 36″ board.