Herbes de Provence

Each year I go crazy with fresh herbs. I plant them and put them wherever possible. Tons of individual pots you can find on our window ledges, in between other plants and even in the bedroom! I love how beautiful they look and smell. Then, when the season is over, I always end up with tons of dry herbs that I can use any time I need them, which is everyday for cooking. I always make my own mix of herbes de Provence. They are so important to my cooking that if there is a fire and I could only take one jar of spices, I would definitely grab the container with herbes de Provence :)  The mixture can be used literally on any kind of meat, fish or vegetables. Super versatile. Making my own mix allows me to have a full control with what goes into it. I can play with the proportions of all the herbs creating  different flavour varieties. More of this less of that…. really whatever you like, as there is no one strict way of making it. Happy mixing!

You will need:


2 Tbsp dry Savory

2 Tbsp dry Rosemary

2 Tbsp dry Thyme

2 Tbsp dry Oregano

2 Tbsp dry Basil

2 Tbsp dry Marjoram

2 Tbsp dry Italian Parsley

2 Tbsp dry Lavender flower

1 Tbsp dry Tarragon

1 Tbsp dry Fennel seed

This is how you do it:

 Mix well. Enjoy!dsc_0521rr




store in air tight container


Did you make your own Herbes de Provence before? How you do it?

All herbs we grew except of lavender which we got here.