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Quick trip to Pelee Island

What can I say, Pelee Island was on my mind for a long time. Ever since I have learned about this little piece of land situated on my favourite lake Erie I knew that one day we have to go there. All I knew about the Island was a fact that this is the Southernmost populated part of Canada ( nearby Middle Island is the southernmost point ) and that there is a large winery there ( I saw different kinds of wine in the LCBO) and for me that was enough to start to imagine how the place would look like :)  Even though I was often tempted to do some research about the Island I decided not to. This way, one day when I will have a chance to explore the place I will see if what I imagined was close to the real thing or maybe even exceed my expectations… So I don’t have to explain how excited I was when this summer we made the decision to finally go to Pelee as a part of our road trip along the Erie shore!


In order to get to the Island you have to take a ferry.  It is a good idea to book the spot ahead of time especially if you wish to take your car with you.  We booked our spot 2 days before the departure.


depending on the time of the year the ferry departs either from Leamington or Kingsville. Here we are in the Kingsville port


soon after we got on the boat it started to rain but the rain did not last long and we were able to spend the rest of the 90 minute trip on the deck




and here it is! Pelee Island


Southermost populated point in Canada


our goal was to explore the island therefore we brought our car with us. We got a map and decided to go first along the shore. We didn’t go far when we saw this… quickly the whole trip changed into a storm chasing adventure!

We were driving around in very heavy rain passing by places that we wish we could visit if the weather was better.  This place is a heaven for nature lovers with amazing nature reserves and vast wildlife.


When it stopped raining it was almost time to go back and all the sudden a couple of Pheasants appeared in front of our car. As we learned later Pelee Island is a home to an annual pheasant hunt …


I am wondering how many students attend this old and charming school







spectacular sunset we were lucky to observe from the boat

Having just a glimpse at this beautiful Canadian treasure, we know that we have to come back again. We are planning to do it next year in September in order to have a chance to see all the birds gathering before migrating South and of course to take more pictures!

Note: If you are thinking of visiting Pelee for more than one day you should book a room/cottage or campsite ahead of time. Many of the B&B do not accept children under age of 19 even if they have vacant rooms.