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Maria’s big day – first pointe shoes

When seven years ago Maria started her ballet classes her biggest dream, like every little ballerina, was to put on a beautiful tutu and pointe shoes. She didn’t know that the road to her dream coming true would be long and very demanding. The truth is that neither did we. It all started with a half an hour once a week which quickly increased to many hours spent at the ballet school every year.  Countless hours of conditioning, stretching and repeating the same moves to make her strong and ready for pointe. And I don’t have to explain the excitement when the day finally arrived. It was a huge milestone and an opening in a the new chapter in her ballet dancing career…


The shoe room is situated just next to Canada’s National Ballet School


while awaiting for the appointment… the big moment is only minutes away


the fitting room is bright and the ballet shoes are neatly stored on many shelves… pointe shoes heaven :)


Pam, Maria’s  fitting specialist was incredibly nice and knowledgeable. She explained how each pair is made and what are the differences between different makes.


this is the first ever pair of pointe Maria tried…






…and this is the pair of pointe shoes that went home with us…


going back home proudly carrying bag with the treasure inside :)

Thank you to Pam and The Shoe Room for the unforgettable, wonderful  experience.