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lavender sachets DIY

If you asked me what my favourite scent is? I would say it was the one I never get tired of and the one that makes me feel good, it would definitely be the scent of fresh laundry. But not the kind of scent you get from commercial detergent but the one that I remember from my childhood. A combination of natural hard soap and lavender a very characteristic aroma that can not be confused with anything else. To me this is a scent symbolizing ultimate cleanliness and comfort. I am so happy seeing many old fashion style soap stores popping up everywhere offering luxurious high quality products, where each visit is a great treat for me. I have also found my way of inviting the familiar aroma to our home. Homemade lavender sachets. Simple and an inexpensive way of bringing the best memories…just like from grandmas linen closet. Do you remember?

You will need:


dry lavender flowers ( we used 200 g to make 10 sachets 9.5 cm x 13 cm )

fabric ( cotton, linen, burlap )

rope or ribbon


measuring tape

lavender essential oil ( optional but highly recommended )

sewing machine and thread

This is how you do it:

Using hard paper or cardboard cut a template 13 cm x 19 cm. Use it to cut fabric into pieces.  Sew a zigzag seam along one of the longer edges to prevent the fabric from  ripping. Fold the fabric in half along the longer side. The right sides facing each other. The side with the zigzag will be the top opening of your sachet. Sew together the bottom of the sachet (opposite to the zigzag side) and the side. You should have 3 closed sides and one open ( the one with zigzag finish). Turn the pouch inside out, now having the right side outside.

In a container mix lavender flowers with essential oil. Use as much as you like. I used 20 drops on every 100 g of flowers. You can skip this step but good quality oil will prolong the freshness of your sachets.

Fill the pouch with lavender flowers, a little over a half way up. Close the opening with piece of rope or ribbon.


Cut the fabric in to desired size pieces


finish one of the longer sides with zigzag


fold the fabric in half along the longer side. The right sides facing each other


with regular stitch close the opening on the opposite side of the zigzag and the side opposite to the fold. You should have a pouch with one side open


turn the pouch inside out


mix the lavender flowers with lavender essential oil


fill the pouch with flowers a little over half way


tighten a rope to close the opening



adding longer string allows you to hang the sachet in the closet




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