Water balloons – the ultimate summer fun!

Nobody can deny that we have Summer. Very hot temperatures are not leaving us even for one day and many cities and towns announced a total ban on fire. It seams like playing with water or in the water is the only way to stay cool and happy :) Every day I see children running with water guns, jumping over sprinklers or spraying each other with a garden hose. Getting wet is just as normal as having breakfast! Our collection of water guns grew over the years adding newer and better models each summer but this year we “discovered” something totally new, the simple joy of combining two fun activities into one super fun thing: water balloons. They were around for a while now but for us this is a new and favourite summer toy. The first model we found in a drug store in Dunnville and the set contains different colour balloons and a plastic spout which helps to pour the water into the balloon directly from the faucet. When we ran out of balloons we went back into town to restock, but instead we found another model. A bottle with a pump which works perfectly in situations when you have access to water ( i.e. lake) but you don’t have the pressure required to force the water inside the balloon. Now we can play everywhere regardless of the water situation.


playing with balloons is always fun but balloons filled with water is a whole new level of fun!


our first set came with a plastic spout which helps to force the water inside the balloon.  Since the opening didn’t fit the water spout perfectly we were soaking wet even before starting the game but nobody was complaining :) It was a refreshing and enjoyable procedure!


working hard on building supplies  before the balloon throwing game. Luckily the campsite wasn’t busy ;)


a new system we got later on came with a water/ air pump which allowed us to fill balloons at the campsite…


…and at the beach!


not knowing when the balloon pops adds more excitement.  Every time you catch the balloon you expect to get wet!




…great for juggling :)