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Green smoothie with avocado, melon and cucumber…

What a hot day we have today! The temperature it is over 30C with humidity that makes it even hotter, sticky and unpleasant. But I am not going to complain and instead I am trying to find ways to survive the day without performing major cooking. Not even BBQ. Salads and smoothies sounds like the perfect solution. Easy and fast in preparation and what is even more important, full of wonderful nutrients. Smoothies are very popular in our home all year round but Summer is definitely the time when we have them on a daily basis. Today’s recipe is a mix of fruits and greens with healthy fatty acids from creamy avocado. Filling and refreshing at the same time… Delicious

You will need:


1 large banana peeled

1 avocado peeled, seed removed

1 pear seeds removed, cut in pieces

3 cups peeled and diced Honeydew or Galia melon

2 medium pickle cucumbers or half English cucumber

1/4 tsp freshly grated ginger

3 leaves fresh mint

1 cup cold milk or almond milk

full hand of spinach leaves

juice from 1 lime

This is how you do it:

Cut melon, pear, cucumber and banana into pieces and place in the freezer for about 1 hour until very cold.

Place in blender, add milk and process until smooth. Add avocado, lime juice, ginger, spinach and mint and continue processing. The consistency should be smooth and creamy.









Enjoy and stay cool!