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Tree stump side table DIY

As a outdoorsy person and a nature lover I always appreciate natural elements in my surroundings. Bringing nature home feels comforting and comfortable. Wood furniture, shelves and little sculptures are everywhere in our home and recently we added a couple more items – tree stump tables. I have been noticing them in different decor magazines for a while now and  for over a year I was searching for the perfect stumps. Finally, about two months ago I found many, perfectly cut and close to the kid’s school! For some unknown reason, a very large tree was cut down and whoever did it, did a very good job cutting it into pieces with very even surface. Exactly what I needed. After getting kids from school we quickly drove to the spot and loaded as many stumps as we could fit in the back of our car! Here is how the stumps became our side tables which we actually use also as a extra seating area…

You will need:


Evenly cut tree stump


long, thick screwdriver

sand paper grit 60 ( manual or electric sander)

This is how you do it: 

Impotrant : If the tree was freshly cut or if it was stored outside, bring the stump indoors and let dry for at least one month. The bark will be much easier to remove.

Using a screwdriver and a hammer remove the bark. Sand the wood with sand paper starting with a grit 60. Make sure to smooth out all sharp edges and the top surface of the stump. If you want super smooth finish after grit 60 use finer grits. I only used #60. I like the natural and rustic look and this is why I did not sand down too much of the marks made by termites :)

Optional: finish with wax, polyurethane or leave raw. You can also paint it with a wood paint or stain.


place the screwdriver between the wood and the bark, hold tight and hit with a hammer



every project is much easier if you have good helpers :)


we made a total of 3 stools/tables. The first one I sanded with my electric sander but the other two we did with Bryan manually.  I like the marks on the wood but if you prefer more an even and smooth colour just sand the wood a little deeper.


…and while we were working on the other stumps Ms Lips was testing the first one…




I hope this post encouraged you to go and find some wood for the project but if you like the style but are not so much into DIY you can purchase similar items here and here . It is your decision :)