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Up cycling … jar planters DIY

Spring is a busy gardening time and while many of you put a lot of effort to make the gardens beautiful and inviting we cannot forget about indoor plants. They also need some love, new soil or perhaps new pot. I love plant pots as an element of home decor and in my opinion they are equally important as the little plants living in them:)

Stores now days are full of different products and online shopping makes everything even more accessible but often prices are high and difficult to justify. As a  big supporter of recycling and up-cycling I always look for new ways I could use items already in our home and I have to say that glass jars are one of my favorites. I use them as storage containers for anything from screws to flour and recently also as plant pots.  So next time when you empty the jar of pickles don’t just toss it away, keep it and I am sure you will not regret it ;)

You will need:


assorted glass jars

thin jute rope ( or any rope, ribbon you like)


pot soil


This is how you do it:

Clean glass jars, remove stickers. Cut rope in to long pieces, enough to wrap around 10 times the jar’s neck. Tie a double knot and cut off the remaining pieces of rope. Put a few rocks on the bottom of the jar. It helps to provide drainage and air circulation since the pot does not have a hole on the bottom. Fill with soil, add plant and enjoy!










 I like how it looks, what do you think?