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The best gift – time together…

Last Saturday was Mike’s birthday so it was important to us to make it special and memorable. Once a year there is a DIY show held in Hamilton and this year it happend to fall exactly on his birthday. As probably everyone knows, I am a huge fan of any DIYs so when this kind of opportunity appears I know that I can’t miss it. Soooo, I told kids a couple of days in advance that we will have a surprise for daddy. I explained all the details and ask them to keep a secret.  Saturdays are usually a little busy due to kids classes and at this time of the year also due to Maria’s rehearsals. Usually Mike picks the kids after classes but this time I offered to go with him. I knew that in order to make it on time to the show we must go right away. I packed some food for the trip and we went. He was suspicious and I think he knew that something is going on… I know that the whole idea might sound a little selfish but that was actually only a small part of the surprise! The show was taking place at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum and considering Mike’s fascination with planes and war history  I knew that it will be a winner. When we arrived the place wasn’t very busy anymore which was nice since I am not a biggest fan of overly crowded places.  We quickly moved through the DIY part purchasing some brushes, rollers and other items but the majority of the time we allocated to the Museum part. The place was very clean and well organized.  Lots of fantastic information and the ability to look closely at so many airplanes including the famous Lancaster was quite an experience. It was so nice to see Mike very happy and relaxed. And if this was not enough, at home was waiting for him beautiful steak for dinner and homemade cake with candles. It turned out to be super fun Saturday and we all enjoyed it so much:) Afterall it is all about the thought and the best gift is the time we spend together…






DSC_0380rThe Lancaster was the most visited plane therefore all the pictures always included some kids and I don’t feel comfortable with publishing without their parents permission. For more pictures of Avro Lancaster and fantastic historic facts please go here 






I asked Mike to try some of the helmets on but all of them were attached with a chain to the board!


control tower ready!


restoration of the airplanes is an ongoing process. Even during our visit the technicians were working very hard