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April in pictures…

I just realized that the summer vacation is in two months! I still remember last Christmas like it was yesterday and I am in denial that we have May already!!!! The truth is that looking around you can get the impression that it is December. The spring is very slow this year. It almost feels like it is taking one step forward and two steps back. I remember a couple times in the past years that spring came so quickly that, even though I was outside every day I missed all the fast changes wondering when did the leaves and flowers grow :) This year even our neighbours’ Magnolia is not ready. The tree is still in sleeping mode and when we checked yesterday only a few of the buds seem to crack slightly. It definitely needs a couple more warm days. It is one of the largest Magnolias in the neighbourhood and when in full bloom there is no person who does not stop to admire its beauty. So while waiting for the real spring to come please enjoy a few pictures from the last month :)


DSC_0731rwe did a fair amount of baking and naan bread was almost constantly on our table… Some of the breads instead of flat came out nicely puffed up which allowed us to use them as pita pockets for school lunches! Delicious:)

DSC_0369rso far this is the only boat in our Marina but soon more will be on the water ready for the boating season!

DSC_0116rour summer resolution is to take the train more often!

Toronto Exhibition Centre


DSC_0194rone of not many warmer days…in Toronto


DSC_0193rThis beautiful horse was super friendly and gentle. The second we stopped to take a picture, a huge group of Chinese tourists suddenly appeared. They all wanted to have an individual picture and the horse was waiting patiently:)





DSC_0374ra day at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum 





DSC_0386rat the DIY show




DSC_0081ra little glam up after day with power tools – Maria’s latest pedicure craze ;)

Now we are only waiting for the real spring weather and if it will come in less than a month we are going on our first camping trip of the year!!!!!! Super exciting :)