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Green living show Toronto…

During the last few years my interest in green living increased significantly. The term is of course very broad and I am just at the beginning of my journey but educating myself and sharing my knowledge became a big passion. It all started with eating habits. Being aware of what you eat and where the food comes from is very important to our family. Then we changed other aspects of living. Eliminating use of the car whenever possible, recycling and repurposing, making conscious purchase decisions. Reading labels and the list of ingredients is a must. The place from where the product comes from is also important.  With access to the internet it is so much easier to get the information or buy desired products, but our favourite way is by attending shows and small events where you are able meet with producers, ask questions and touch the actual product. Just recently, on Sunday we went to Toronto to the Green Living Show. The day was absolutely beautiful so we took the GO train – the green way! The event was taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and we loved every minute of that. So many vendors with a variety of products. From jewellery and kitchen utensils through fashion, cosmetics and cars. The place was very busy which only proves that many of us are interested in ways of living a green life, but because of that it was very difficult to take good pictures ;)Luckily, we managed to snap a couple which I’m more than happy to share with you!

DSC_0096rin the waiting room of the Go station


DSC_0126rMetro Toronto Conventions Centre is not far from the Go station but checking a map never hurts :)



DSC_0162rI really love the eco turn on this engagement ring! Jennifer Rong is a young brilliant designer


she has a store on Etsy in case you are interested:)


wooden coasters, cutting boards and bowls took a large part of the exhibition. All natural and not treated with any chemicals


DSC_0179rAmber jewellery from Russia. All styles and colours from traditional to modern design

DSC_0180rsince I prefer simple lines the raw amber necklace and bracelet really caught my eye. Unfortunately I was not prepared to spend this amount of money on that day ;)

DSC_0173rit was very easy to stay all day at the event since there was a large food court full of amazing, fresh  and healthy food. You could also try wine and beer from small Canadian breweries and vineyards!



DSC_0181rsomething I never saw before, sunglasses and watches made of cork and wood! One of my favourite products! Their website here


DSC_0184rMike’s birthday is coming, I think I found the perfect gift:)

DSC_0183rmeeting people behind the product- priceless

DSC_0169rvery passionate chemists from the local cosmetic company sold me on their product! I hope it will work well…. More details here



DSC_0186rsustainable, eco friendly fashion made of crock …. another thing I had no idea existed. ROK cork

DSC_0185rcork ball cup? why not! More products here

DSC_0187rbamboo bicycle frame! We love the look and the idea but the booth was too busy to get more information from the inventor. Good for them!

The show was a wonderful experience. Very inspiring.


…time to go back home

DSC_0262rbut we will be back Toronto!