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Flower power :)

It is hard to believe that the calendar spring came almost a month ago! The real season on the other hand is constantly wrestling with winter giving us many and sudden changes. We had a couple of warmer days which encouraged some of the tiniest flowers to try their luck but then they all disappeared under another snowfall. What I find hardest at this time of the year is the lack of colour. Winter does not bother me at all, I mean the real one, with snow making the surroundings looking bright and clean, but what we have now is far from that. We all can’t wait to see some colours! Luckily, we found a way to trick our brain. The goodness of garden centres. Why wait till the gardening season to visit those fantastic places. Being inside the glass house is like going on vacation. Lots of light, bright colours and the feeling that everything is so alive is priceless. We started visiting greenhouses as a way  of boosting a good mood many years ago. It works like a charm and allows us to recharge our batteries with positive energy!

20160314_154726rthe beautiful flowers are everywhere instantly putting a smile on your face

20160314_161730rPrimulas in all possible colours .  The white and yellow ones caught my eye instantly

20160314_160351rat this time of a year fresh, juicy grass brings only best summer memories!

20160314_155311rsimple, amazing idea to bring some colour and plants especially to a kids room. I see my new DIY!

20160314_155933rall flowers so fresh and strong

20160314_155208rrows and rows of my beloved Hydrangeas :)


20160314_160225rlooking at this picture I can smell all the flowers and fresh, wet air

20160314_160142radorable tiny arrangement :)



20160314_154816rI really can’t wait for the gardening season!

20160314_154756rthis screams HAPPY!

20160314_165043reven though the visit was supposed to be STRICTLY therapeutic we ended up going home with another Hydrangea!

So next time when the weather puts you in not the a best mood or if you feel a bit down try going to your nearest garden centre. Just hang around and allow the nature do its job. I promise it will make magic:)