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Easy weekend project: shelf behind the sofa DIY…

The past weekend was rather chilly. Wind, not much sun and some wet snow definitely did not put us in an outdoorsy mood. It was the kind of weather when you would prefer to stay inside and just chill. Unfortunately sitting on the couch for too long is not my favourite form of relaxation therefore, I decided to work on the project that I was putting away for a while. Initially, I wanted to work on it during the week but knowing how much the kids love to participate I knew that I have to give them the chance to help. The project was one of the simplest: a shelf behind the sofa. The easiest way would be purchasing one from any big box store but this is not the way we like to have things done. Therefore after breakfast we all went to the Home Depot. The selection of materials is huge and there are items just right for little DIY-ers. Our mission was simple: to find a pine board, but finding “the one” took longer then we thought. After sorting through many different boards finally we all decided on one perfect piece. The right length, shade, interesting knots… After that, the next step of collecting screws and brackets was a piece of cake. Then just a quick run home and the project started. The entire building process took us about a hour with tea break included. Fun weekend activity for the entire family. One wooden board and so much joy!

You will need:


Wooden board cut to desire length ( our 246 cm)

L shaped brackets ( we used 4 )

wood/metal screws ( we needed 12 )

concrete anchors ( for concrete, block and brick)

measuring tape



spirit level ( not necessary but highly recommended!)

This is how you do it:

Depending on how long your shelf is determines how many L brackets you need. Using a measuring tape mark equal spaces between brackets. Attach brackets to the board using wood screws.  Place the board (with brackets attached) on the wall. Level using a spirit level. If you don’t have a spirit level, use a measuring tape to mark a few points in equal distance from the floor. When the shelf is leveled, mark spots where you will drill holes. Remove the shelf and drill all holes. Secure the shelf to the wall using concrete anchors ( or other type appropriate for your wall type).

DSC_0020rmeasure and mark the space between brackets

DSC_0029rsecure the brackets to the board with wood screws. If you want your boards to tightly touch the wall, make sure that the bracket does not stick out beyond the board edge).



take your time to properly level …

DSC_0049r…then without moving the board mark all the spots for drilling

DSC_0052rremove the shelf and drill following the markings

DSC_0061rsecure to the wall. Voile!


We left the board raw because we really like the look. In the future I might treat it with a tung oil or wax…

Of course the wood can be stained to any colour you like.

… and here is a little behind the scene ;)

DSC_0044rtea break

DSC_0040rand our favourite cookies :)

DSC_0057rsince Bryan did all the drilling, Maria had to try as well… surprised?

DSC_0027rlittle silly dance is a part of every project

DSC_0068rand the final look.

I really like how the shelf filled the empty space and provided room for an extra light. It feels cozier then before and I don’t know how we lived without it!

DSC_0015rour Queen of DIY !!!!