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Decorating Easter Eggs…

6:46 am the phone rang and we all jumped out of the bed with excitement!

Shh, shhh lets listen to the message. YES! this was exactly what we were waiting for the whole winter! Well maybe the beginning of spring and upcoming Easter is not the perfect time for it but still we are not going to complain! The school is closed due to the inclement weather. SNOW DAY! It means that instead of four we will have five days off! How nice. The night brought freezing rain and more rain throughout the day therefore we decided to stay at home and since one of our preparations for Easter includes eggs decoration, the extra day gave us the opportunity to get a bit more creative. Instead of just dying eggs in food colouring as we did in the past years we wanted to do something different and maybe even healthier. Store-bought coloring kit was replaced with natural solutions and we added extra elements to the decorating itself.  We used only items that we already had at home and here is what will be in our Easter basket this year:)





DSC_0391r…and they were all yellow:) turmeric makes an amazing natural yellow coloring


DSC_0403rbeet juice stains more then just your hands :)






We wish you all Happy, healthy and peaceful Easter :)