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February in pictures…

I feel like days are getting shorter where in fact we are now gaining daylight and February treated us with one extra day:) The last month was very intense due to two things. At the end of February, Maria’s ballet school had a performance featuring their skills acquired during the school year which meant many more hours for rehearsals and  me juggling between her and Bryan’s classes. In times like that I am truly the family taxi driver just dropping and picking up and again dropping and picking up someone constantly! Luckily, I do enjoy driving, and listening to my favourite tunes while behind the wheel makes moments like this even more enjoyable. The other thing constantly occupying me physically and mentally is the worsening situation with our neighbours (the elderly couple which some of you are already familiar). Grandpa’s ( this is how we call Otto) health is not turning for the better, so our involvement in their day to day activities gets bigger then before. Doctor’s appointments, visits to the hospital, cooking and just making sure that they are OK. But what is more difficult is seeing them struggle and feeling of hopeless. I will not go deeper in this, maybe another time and for now here are some photos highlighting last four weeks…..Cheers

DSC_1064rone of the coldest days of the month, we went for a short walk and half way I had to share my woolen scarf with Maria….it was really cold


quiet time at the library

DSC_0993rdid you know that squirrels are birds? ;)




Maria’s ballet school, her most favourite place in the world!

DSC_1139rthe weather was constantly changing throughout the month. One day sunny and warm…..

DSC_0721r…the next freezing icy cold….

DSC_1133rand then warm again:)




DSC_1000rin search for spring….



Collage1silly girl…..



DSC_1108rdelicious pastry from our favourite bakery

DSC_0773rMs Lips with a wet chin




DSCF0928rand the real winter is back!


and now let me introduce our neighbours:

Collage2Elfriede and Otto