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Under the bridge…..

Yes, it looks like the spring is coming….of course at this time of the year everything can change very fast but the last two days were very promising. Saturday very sunny and a bit windy but with this amazing feel… It was this kind of the day when the saying  “spring is in the air” is so true. I am not sure if it is because of the smell in the air or the sun or the warm wind but this is the magical feel that can happen only this time of the year…. Sunday was a bit of a different  story… still warm ( kind of) but not much sun peeking from behind the clouds. We wanted to go for a walk to the lake but then we decided to check out the near by creek. We knew that the place will be very muddy since the snow is melting but this is actually the best part of the adventure. Climbing up the wet, slippery hill, helping each other and getting dirty…. The only downside is that to get to the creek we have to take a car. But this time it was actually the good thing! On the way and for an unknown reason, I went off  the usual route and we entered the creek from a more wild and “non commercial side” – from under the bridge…. Wow, what a discovery…. the architecture….the art made by the locals….I didn’t know that the under the bridge is so interesting…


DSC_0831rMaria always remembers to bring snacks and water for everybody:)




DSC_0805rthe boys helping us get up the hill….








DSC_0845rlooking for  hidden treasures ;)



DSC_0820rhouse on the edge of the hill overlooking the creek… nice location:)


DSC_0899rit was nice to have some homemade pizza after returning home:) I will share the recipe soon!



….so what did you found under your bridge? ;)