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I love long weekends:)

After three days off it was time to go back to a normal routine today. I am not going to say that it was easy :) It is amazing how one extra day can make a huge difference. I always feel like two days is not enough. Considering the fact that Bryan and Maria both have classes till late afternoon on Saturdays we actually have only one and a half days off. Sometimes I wish to change the working day  to 10 hours in exchange for three day weekends….. most of us spend more than 8 hours at work anyways so I thing it would be a great benefit… So we decided to have very laid back time. I remember the time when every weekend we wanted to do something, go to different places, just keep going. We still do explore and visit new places but we finally realized that sitting and not doing anything is OK and actually feels great. No planning, no rushing… truly living the moment, enjoying each others company, talking and being present. Slowing down feels amazing. The entire weekend was very very cold so we went for a couple of walks in our neighbourhood, we tried a few new recipes. We watched movies and played board games… and finally we filled the empty canvas in the living room with a fantastic painting. Actually, I am not being fair saying that we did it, because the kids did it and I think they did a wonderful job! No more blanc canvas on the wall:)

DSC_0694rthe weekend was very cold so we didn’t see many people outside

DSC_0695rthe cat is real, he lives in the yoga studio just around the corner ( we call him The Owner)

DSC_0712rthe very low temperature made the splashing lake water instantly freeze creating beautiful ice sculptures




DSC_0742rswan couple flirting on Valentine’s day :)


DSC_0740rCanadian geese warming up on the shore