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Do you know the feeling when you know you have something to do but you keep putting it away? I am sure we all have those moments :) Do you know the feeling when you finally manage to do it? Yes, it feels soooo good! Here is what happened.  Last summer Bryan got a paddle board which was a blast and since he was using it very often we kept it fastened to a roof rack on our car. It worked very well because the board was always with us so everywhere we went he was able to use it. Summer went by fast and when the water was too cold we had to find a solution to store the board so that we don’t drive around the town with a board on our roof in the middle of the winter:) OK, so it might sound like an easy task but we have very limited space, therefore “temporarily” , the board ended up behind Bryan’s bed. It was supposed to be a temporary solution and in the mean time we came up with ( in my opinion) a brilliant idea to hang it from the ceiling. So the idea was there but no execution. Every weekend we had a plan to do it but there was always something in the way.  Four months of procrastination! And finally on Sunday we did it. It cost us 10 dollars, it took half an hour and it feels so good! The room is more organized, we saved lot’s of space and it looks cool too. Mission accomplished:) So why were we waiting for so long?…..

DSC_0694revery project starts with Home Depot, which right after all flea markets is truly our favorite store:)


Bryan, as always interested with anything electronics…..

DSC_0704r…and Maria loves all the new washing and drying machines:)

DSC_0701rI love all the power tools…


…and Mike was trying to convince me that he needs the miter saw to hang the board… nice try!

actually, If we only have the space we would definitely bring it home with us ;)

DSC_0699rand finally we got what we needed – set of hooks

the project started…

DSC_0719rmeasure the space between the hooks

DSC_0726rdrill holes

DSC_0728rwe used toggle wing ceiling hooks to make sure that everything is well secured




couple of bungee cords from our camping supplies…






Do you have something that you are avoiding to do? Are you a procrastinator?