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Rose quartz and Serenity – the colours for 2016

After a day of rain and temperatures above zero the world around looks totally different then even the day before. The white snow was replace by brownish leftovers from what was green grass a few monts ago and the bright sun is hiding behind thick, dark cloudes. Nice cup of green tea is usually what makes me feel good on days like that and tucked under a blanket I started to feel that I need some colour. Here we go, my itch for changes is kicking in usually this time of the year :)  What a better place to find an inspiration then Pantone Colour Institute!  Every year the Pantone Institute chooses the colour of the year, the colour that soon will be present almost everywhere from home décor to runways. After last year’s bold and moody Marsala the 2016 choice went in opposite direction bringing us a two for one deal. That’s right two colours were crowned: Rose Quartz and Serenity. Both very subtle, delicate almost like from a child’s nursery. At first I was a bit surprise but then I thought that with the overall trend of minimalism and living a slower life at least the serenity fits just right:) Then I was thinking if I could incorporate those two colors into our space and although painting the walls is out of question ( I am really enjoying white after years of experimenting ;)) adding some accessories will not hurt. So I went for a little hunt and I was actually a little disappointed not being able to find many items in those two colours but even a couple of accents made me already feel like spring is here…


DSC_0618rcall me old fashion but I love taking notes in traditional notebook… this one is just the right size to fit in my purse :)

DSC_0599r1last year Mike gave me this beautiful leather bracelet so when I found this pink shirt I was very excited. Unfortunately the colour did not look good on me :( I have to keep looking



DSC_0616rear rings that Maria made for me for Christmas:)



a full moon rise I captured a couple days ago… nature’s take on Pantone’s colour of the year :)