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The book that started my dream….

There are so many breathtakingly beautiful places in the world which I would love to visit, but there is one that just visiting is not good enough for me. The place that I would move to without any hesitation, if I only had the chance. The place where I already planned our family life and I even know how our dream home would look like. The place so beautiful that is hard to believe that it is real. The place is called Anacapri. And everything because of one book – “The deep blue sea for beginners” by Luanne Rice.

One day, a few years ago I was browsing in one of my favourite second hand bookshops when a book in gorgeous shade of blue caught my eye. I thought it would look nice on my coffee table so decided to get it. When I got home I started reading and I immediately sank into it. I read it so many times since then, that now it has become my go to book whenever I need a little vacation without leaving home. The story is set on the island of Capri where the main character Pell, travels to reunite with her mother after ten years in order to convince her to come back home…It is a complex and engaging story about relationships, rich in very detailed and vivid descriptions of this magical island which is definitely the reason why I keep going back to this book. I have never been to Capri before but based on all the information given by the author I feel like I know this place very well. To my surprise the photographs of Capri which I found  after reading the book  were exactly how I imagined it….Last night the weather turned bad in our town. Gusty winds with freezing temperatures will surely bring some real winter. Luckily, wrapped in a blanket I could drift away to my warm and inviting Anacapri….











capri5view from our future home:)


I hope those images not only help you to survive the weather outside but maybe will inspire your next trip….

Happy Monday! More pictures of this beautiful island you can find HERE