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Good things happen when is cold…

I feel so lucky living in our beautiful town and the historic area is hands down my absolute favourite. Located right on the shore of lake Ontario, it has a very unique atmosphere. We go there very often since both kids’ afterschool classes are located in down town and we also try to go there just for a walk once a week. It is a very small place but for some reason I never get tired of it. Couple of days ago we went for a walk after dinner and as soon as we got outside the cold air announced that the winter weather is coming. Even a fast walk wasn’t enough to stay warm so we decided to find a place to get a little warmer. Luckily for us the gallery was still open so we didn’t have to end up at the coffeee shop for the millionth time :) Thanks to the weather we had a chance to see  a very interesting exhibit on its last day of presentation! Work of Jessica Eaton, another great Canadian artist!

DSC_0277rbeginning of dusk is my favourite time, the old town looks more mysterious…

DSC_0293reven a warm scarf wasn’t enough but this was just a beginning of a temperature drop

DSC_0280rthe mother nature planned it well for us, if it wasn’t so cold we would have missed the great exhibit:)






Jessica Eaton- Wild Permutations

 DSC_0295rwe said “no” to ice cream even though this place sells really good ones:)

DSC_0300rbut warm pastry from the local bakery is always welcome!



And just a couple of words about the Artist.

JESSICA EATON is a Canadian artist who currently lives and works in Montreal.  Vibrant and enigmatic, Jessica Eaton’s work considers the very nature of photography. Using a large format film camera, she has developed a complex and experimental approach to image-making. Wild Permutations—the artist’s first solo museum show—focuses on her investigations into the behaviour and production of colour.

 In 2010, she began photographing grey-toned cubes and pyramids through red, green and blue lens filters. Using multiple exposures, she “mixes” colours directly onto film, generating pulsing forms, chromatic blurs and puzzling shifts in surface and depth. These effects appear to defy the logic of time and space, challenging the notion that a photograph captures a single moment. ( Oakville Galleries)

More information about Jessica Eaton you can find here.