Best apple roses with ginger marmalade and cinnamon

Yesterday when I was cleaning and organizing the freezer I came across a  piece of puff pastry. I love having puff pastry always on hand since it is so easy to work with and helps me make very fast and easy snacks and deserts at any given time. The second I took it out of the freezer Maria asked if we can make apple roses again. I smiled because exactly the same thought came on my mind since I’ve been obsessed with apple roses for a while now. We tried a couple of recipes from around the web before, like one with apricot jam and also apple sauce and chocolate. Every time they tasted very good but I wanted a more unique version, so I came up with combination that in my opinion is quite unexpected but tastes delicious because the ingredients compliment each other instead of competing. Sweet and a bit spicy with layers of flavours. My version includes apples and ginger marmalade. If you are looking for something to wow your guests at the party or just want to make super easy but gorgeous treat for yourself you must make these apple roses!

You will need:


3 large red apples ( I used Red delicious)

6-8 tsp ginger marmalade

1 lb sheet puff pastry

ground cinnamon

1 lemon

water to blanch apples

Icing sugar for garnish


This is how you do it:


Bring water ( enough to cover sliced apples) to boil. In meantime core apples, cut in half and slice thinly.


squeeze lemon juice to the boiling water, add the squeezed lemon and sliced apples, boil for 1.5 minutes.

Drain and set aside. Lemon stops the apples from oxidizing and turning brown, and blanching makes them flexible and easier to work with.

DSC_0169rsprinkle some flour and roll dough into rectangular shape. Desired  thickness about 3mm (1/16″)

DSC_0172rcut the rolled dough in 6 equal stripes, you will work with one piece at a time

Collage3spread about a 1-1.5 tsp of ginger marmalade and sprinkle with ground cinnamon

DSC_0178rlayer apples overlapping. They should stick out about 5-7 mm above the dough

DSC_0180rfold the dough over

DSC_0183rstarting from one end roll the dough gently, push the apples inside if they start sliding out.

Collage4already looking good!


this recipe will give you 6 apple roses

DSC_0203rbake at 375F (190C) for 45 minutes

DSC_0207rfreshly baked right from the oven


DSC_0235rdust it with icing sugar….

DSC_0250r…and enjoy


If you happened to make apple roses following my recipe please let me know if you like them. You can also share your pictures with me on instagram @onestophappy and #gingermarmaladeapplerose !

I would love to know:)