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Our new Christmas tradition

I am sure that every family has own traditions associated with the holidays and many of ours come from my side of the family since Christmas is hugly celebrated in Poland. There are many customs passed from generation to generation that we cultivate to this day. Many poles dress their Christmas tree in the morning of Christmas Eve and Santa comes on December 24 when the whole family gathers around the table, at about the time the first star appears in the sky. I remember as a child waiting for this moment with big smile and pounding heart. The biggest, and still cultivated is a very old tradition of preparing delicious, meatless dishes in the exact number of 12. Fried carp, borscht with tiny dumplings called “ushka”, pierogies with wild mushrooms and cabbage, herrings….just to name a few. Dishes that are not on the everyday menu and set aside for this special, one time of  the year night. After this special supper at midnight, everyone, including the little children goes to Church for Pasterka which starts the Christmas time when we continue visiting our family and friends and enjoy the time together feasting on fantastic food. In our home we try to grow  many of those beautiful traditions and I am so happy seeing Mike and the kids really enjoying them. We also have our own, new family traditions. After supper we actually go for a walk to look at all the fantastic decorations in our neighbourhood and I think Santa likes us doing that because he always manages to come when we are not at home:) This year we started something new and very enjoyable – cutting our own Christmas tree rather then buying one at the store.  A friend of mine told me that they’ve been doing this for years  and every year they cut a little medallion from the tree trunk and make it into an ornament. I like this idea so much that I will borrow it for us:) So we went to the Merry Farms in Lynden Ontario and the experience was so fulfilling and somewhat magical that we all agree that this is something we want to do every year and pass on to new generations. It is never too late to start family traditions……

Collage1the day was wet and foggy but it didn’t discourage us!  Christmas classics on the radio work every time:)

DSC_0141rthe farm was full of people trying to find the best and freshest tree

DSC_0145rlet’s do it!




is that the one?!


DSC_0155rtop to bottom inspection before making the final decision…




 DSC_0169rfor our first ornament


Collage2when you’re done, you can hop on the wagon or carry your tree, we walkedDSC_0173revery tree is replaced with a new one…these are only about a foot tall

DSC_0175rMaria was curious if it works….

DSC_0176r…and it does!


DSC_0179rwhile our tree was being wrapped we went to eat something….

hot cider, hot dogs and poutine from the Lions food truck



it was nice to warm up by the fire…






time to go back home…..

What are your  family Holiday traditions? I would like to hear:)