Gift ideas not just for Secret Santa….

Recently reconnected with my friend Malgorzata after a long, way too long time. When we last saw each other we were  single with no kids. Today, we are both  married with children so we definitely have a lot of catching up to do which is exciting and very easy since she is a very easy going person and we always had a very good friendship. She told me that her  kids will soon have a Secret Santa at school and the students were asked to share what they are dreaming about and her two twin girls age 10 asked for drinkable white chocolate and Santa’s hat. Wonderful, humble and selfless young ladies… My children also will have Secret Santa at school, Maria drew the names today and Bryan’s event will be just before Christmas break -with a little twist:) Since the clock is ticking,  right after school we went for quick store check up to get some gift ideas for upcoming events. Here is a little sneak peak from our mission:)

DSC_0603rwarm, cozy socks work for me every time:)

DSC_0664rcan you believe this is just a bar of soap?



Collage2never enough sugar for this girl….

DSC_0600r1more sugar….

DSC_0610rcute woolen mittens

DSC_0611radorable hat

DSC_0608rpurse heaven – love this small cutie:)

Collage3rribbons, ropes always welcomed by any crafter/ DIYer!


DSC_0617rwho does not like sushi?

DSC_0615rItalian Christmas in the box:)

DSC_0635rcandles, candles, candles…



DSC_0642rmore then just a statue….

DSC_0641rit’s actually a shaker!!!

DSC_0648rare you ready for the new Star Wars?!?!?!




could not agree more…


DSC_0665rhow did they know?…..



Happy gift shopping everyone!