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Marbled ceramics

The Holiday season is just around the corner and many of us will exchange gifts with family and friends. Gift shopping can be a lot of fun but also time consuming and a little stressful as well. Over the years I noticed something in my kids behaviour that makes me very happy, although they love receiving gifts, they enjoy giving them even more and last night we had a perfect example of that.  Every year our school sets up a Christmas Gift Shop where students have a chance to purchase inexpensive presents for their family and friends. Both kids, but especially Maria, LOVE shopping there. Yesterday, she came home with a bag full of trinkets, nicely wrapped and ready to go under the Christmas tree, but she was too excited to wait therefore one present ( the one that was meant for all of us) was opened and Mr. Dangling Feet ( the kids came up with the name) became part of our family:)

The kids have a long list of people who they want to acknowledge with at least something little and what can be better then hand made goodies:) Yesterday, they were making decorative mugs and I really like how it turned out…. Very simple but effective DIY and what I love – not very messy:)

You will need:


ceramic mugs, cups, vases, candle holders, napkin rings, etc

warm water

deep container

nail polish


This is how you do it:

Fill about 3/4 of the container with warm water. Pour a little of the nail polish ( you can mix colours or shades), swirl with a toothpick. Dip a dish to cover desired area. Let dry very well. If the nail polish gets inside the cup you can easily remove it with a nail polish remover.


Collage1first one colour, then another….

DSC_0524rdip to cover desired area ( please excuse the rim in the cup;))

DSC_0525rstop here or continue by adding more nail polish to the tub


Collage2another mug…we used the same tub







Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. I would avoid dishwasher and only hand wash to protect the design.