The little things that make me happy… November 2015

Even though there are not many leaves left on the trees and days are getting shorter I have no complaints about the month. Actually shorter days allow us to rediscover how comfortable our couch is and visit my favourite stores and flea markets without feeling guilty that I am wasting nice day inside.  Before Christmas is the time when people try to get rid of unwanted items and all treasure hunters have to watch their wallets. I, myself was lucky to find some goodies…..


20151107_200438-2The best breakfast ever-Maria and her candies:)

DSC_0140Bryan dressing up for a big event, fine young man:)

my new obsession: watermelon radish in bright pink!


photography. I can’t leave house without my camera

DSC_0233Beautiful pop up box holding note paper

DSC_0377another kerosene lamp for my collection. Love Flea Markets!!!!!

20151115_143745-2ribbons, ribbons and more ribbons

DSC_0360lazy evening on the couch with my little girl:)


 bowl of hot bouillon on a cold day