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Textured paint on canvas – DIY wall art

Interior decorating can be a fun task for some of us but a big challenge for others. Of course, many stores create a little vignettes within ready to go  model rooms that enybody can copy, which is definetly very helpful but it puts us into risk of living in spaces exactly the same us our neighbours or friends. The key to creating unique space is adding personal accessories ( i.e. items brought from trips) and art. Art is something I can’t imagine not having in my place. And by Art I don’t necessarily mean very expensive pieces created by well known artists. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have one or two of those but my budget forces me to look for something else. At home, we have range of art created by us. We love  to work with canvas as they provide a great starting point to many projects. One of the easiest to make is  textured painting. It adds character to your room and provides opportunity to add some colour to very neutral rooms.  It is easy enough for your kids to be involved or create special art for their rooms.


You will need:


Canvas of any size

Plaster of Paris ( professional quality)

Putty knife

Acrylic paints in any colours you like

Paint brushes in different sizes

This is how you do it:

Mix Plaster of Paris with water following the instructions on the box. I used just tiny less water then it says to get a little thicker paste. The mixture dries fast so it is better to prepare smaller batches.

Lay canvas flat on protected area ( papers, plastic sheet ).

DSC_0467With putty knife spread wet Plaster of Paris  on the canvas. Any direction, any design. It is up to you. Work fast because the paste dries pretty fast.


I only made short vertical and horizontal strokes






you can use foam brushes, rollers, paint brushes – for this project I only used the paint brushes

DSC_0505pour paints in separate containers, I used: black, white, grey, silver and yellow

DSC_0506I used different brush for each colour

Use only small amount of paint and let it dry before applying another colour on top of it.

Again, I only did vertical and horizontal strokes.

DSC_0507if you think that some areas are too dark cover them with white paint

DSC_0512as you can see above I layered different colours on top of each other and the textured canvas added more dimension to the painting