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Double duty beauty products

Do you remember how many times you were in a situation that you ran out of mascara when you badly needed it but you have absolutely no time to go to the store to buy a new one? Or after spending an evening doing your manicure you wake up in the morning with ruined nail polish? I could probably keep going with examples like that and the list will never end.  Those moments are frustrating and can spoil your day in a blink of an eye but also, which is more important, can create inventions or at least promote creative thinking. I am sure everyone has own great solutions and today I want to share a couple of my faves.

Scenario 1: “Pillow nails”, when you went to bed thinking that your nail polish is dry and hard but morning brings disappointing pillow and bed sheet marks all over your nails.

My solution:


Sally Hansen Insta Dri top coat. Used as directed works very well making your manicure dry to touch in seconds but also can fix your pillow nails by filling all crevices and adding fresh shiny finish. I tried it many times and it works amazingly well.

Scenario 2:  Dry mascara. Every time you use your mascara, pumping the wand in and out causes the mascara to dry. Often it gets very dry long before the product is actually gone.

My solution:


Eye drops. Probably can be found in everyone’s  medicine cabinet  to hide sleep deficiency:) Add a couple of drops in to your mascara container. You will get enough product to complete more then one eye makeup and enough time to buy a new one. If that was your favourite and expensive mascara you will be able to use it to the last drop:)

Scenario 3: Sweaty feet causing your high heels to slip of. I am sure we all know the feeling when you wore your pumps on bare feet and all the sudden the shoes start to slip of. Not only it is uncomfortable and makes you walk awkward but also it can cause blisters.

My solution:


Dry shampoo spray. Yes! It saves you on days when you can’t wash your hair but also can prevent your feet from sweating and your heels from sliping off. It provides nice grip and helps shoes stay on your feet.

Simple but it works. Do you have your own double duty products that you can’t live without? I’d love to hear:)