Touch of burgundy

If you look inside  my closet at this time of the year you will see lots of grey and black. It is not new trend for me as I was wearing those colors for many many years and I find it very convenient when it comes to putting together my daily outfits. However, for many people this might feel a bit boring. My solution for making my outfits interesting and fresh  lays in mixing different textures within the same color family or adding just a tiny pop of color. Grey is very good for that because most colors go very well with it.  Looking at the fashion magazines and runway collections this autumn it  is easy to notice that burgundy is everywhere. If you are not ready for big colour commitment, adding just a tiny bit would be the way to go . About  2 years ago I got myself little crossbody purse which I wear a lot and this year it is right on trend! Little accent of the “it color”  gives your outfit a new vibe and current look.