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Macramé plant hanger

I love having a lot of plants in my home and since my floor area is rather limited I look for different ways to display my greenery. Recently I was looking for ways to bring a little life to my tiny and dark kitchen. Dark, because there is no window and all attempts to grow anything are unsuccessful. Since my kitchen is tiny with very, very small counter space I have to be selective with what goes on. To solve the problem, I decided to use vertical space and make plant hanger, using materials that I always have in my project box. During my elementary school years I was lucky to have a very creative, hands on art teacher. We learned anything from knitting through cooking to woodworking. One of the easiest projects that I remember doing was a plant hanger. Don’t even ask me how many I made back then, but our living room looked quite interesting:) Today I’m having a little flash back….hello macramé


You will need:


12 m thick ( 1/4″ sisal rope) cut into 4 x 3m strings

12 m twine cut into 4 x 3m pieces

metal ring  ( 6-7 cm diameter )


This is how you do it:

DSC_0383rmake 4 sets of strings ( 1 thick rope and 1 twine)

Collage1fold 1 set of 2 strings in half, insert ends through the loop and pull tight

DSC_0388rrepeat 4 times

DSC_0389rhang the circle to make your work easier ( I used a door knob )

DSC_0395ryou will work with one set of strings at a time, which now ( since you fold them in half)  became 4 strings ( 2 thick and 2 thin). You will work with the thick strings and the thin ones are your base ( holding cords).  To tense them hold it with your foot or a knee.


I decided to use only one design which can be easily achieved by repetition of one type of knot. It looks more complicated than it is to make. Here is how it goes:


fold right string under your holding cord, fold left string over your holding cord

DSC_0400rpull the string from under your holding cord though the loop on the left side

DSC_0401rpull the string that is on top of your holding cord through the loop on the right side.

You are creating a simple knot around your holding cord.

DSC_0402rpull both ropes tight

repeat the same steps until your design is 18-19 centimeters long

DSC_0397r1and this is how it should look

After you are done, do the same with the other 3 sets.

DSC_0405rtie 3-4 simple knots with the holding cord ( two lines of twine) at the end of each of 4 “braids”

before you cut the twine off.

DSC_0459rfinal product! I added couple of knots to create net and I secured all 8 strings with twine at the very top


It took me about an hour to complete the project and I estimate the total cost for max $5

I really like the organic feel…

DSC_0444r…and my artificial plant from Ikea finally found its home:)