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Empire by Spiegelworld – our girls night out…

When I was younger I really liked going out with my friends and didn’t have to wait for a special occasion to do so. But over the years I started family and my lifestyle changed completely. Natural progression. It is funny how now I don’t like going anywhere without my family and times I’m out without Mike a and kids I can easily count on fingers of one hand. Last Saturday was different though and I actually was very excited about going out. The occasion was very special too. My friend Patricia’s birthday was just a week ago and she thought it would be a great excuse for us to leave house and get together.   We went to Toronto to see “Empire” by Spiegelworld. We knew it will be something interesting and different but the show exceeded all of ours expectations…

The official website describes Empire as:

the most jaw-dropping show ever seen on a spiegeltent stage. Smashing through the borders of comedy, circus, vaudeville and burlesque, EMPIRE presents the sexiest most daring artists from across the globe.”

and let me tell you it is all above and more. If you are going to see the show be prepared that anything can happen…

We had fantastic time, full of surprises and breath taking moments. The real birthday treat!

Thank you Patricia and Happy Birthday :)

tourist’s moment: selfie with The CN Tower:)

warming up around the heater while waiting for the tent to open

birthday girl!

IMG_0327rwe went inside as soon as the door opened (it was very cold outside)

minutes before the show started…

aKPI_6706_MissA[1]rincredibly flexible Miss A


aKPI_8102_CarrotMan[1]rLime Green Lady and a Carrot Man


super dangerous performance by Roller-skating duo!

fragile sculpture put together as a result of precision, balance and focus….AMAZING