My five ingredient no bake decadent cake

The last long weekend of Summer we spent with the company of my dear friend Maria. We didn’t see each other for a long time so the three days went on chatting, laughing and drinking wine:)

When we talked about cooking, Maria mentioned about a past birthday she had a couple years ago and the delicious cake I made for her.  I had no idea what cake she was talking about but as soon as she mentioned that it was made with some cookies and cream, the memory came back. How could I forget about this cake!

Years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter, this cake/ dessert was a staple in my fridge. I don’t remember how the recipe came to life but that was the time when I constantly craved Nanaimo bars and Tiramisu ( and normally I’m not a Sweet tooth) and this was my feel good home made alternative. Super easy, made with items we usually have on hand! And today I decided to treat us with this fantastic dessert.  Cheers to great memories!

You will need: ( for 9.5″ round baking pan)

600g Lady Fingers ( I used 4x150g Giant Lady Fingers from Milano)

3.5 cups custard  (homemade or 2 x 425g can)

3 cups whipping cream

1 Tbsp fine sugar

pinch of cinnamon

  • if you would like to prepare homemade thick custard here is a very good recipe and here is simple and fast one.

This is how you do it:

In a large container whip  the cream with sugar until stiff but do not over beat. Add custard and cinnamon, gently mix together. Put aside 1 cup of mixture for decoration before serving (optional).  Keep it in the fridge.

Lay Lady fingers tightly on the bottom of your baking dish. Fill gaps with smaller pieces.

Spread half of the custard mixture on top of it.  Add another layer of Lady Fingers, fill gaps as before. Don’t press hard. Follow with remaining custard mix. Cover with a plastic wrap to trap the moisture in.

Place in the fridge and keep there over night to allow the Lady fingers  soften and all the layers set.



Warning: my container was too small for the cream after was whipped so save yourself time and place in in a large bowl:)

DSC_0181rDo not overbeat the cream otherwise you will make butter

Collage1aadd custard and cinnamon, fold gently



DSC_0189rThe mixture will keep all the small pieces together

Collage1ccreate another layer but don’t press the Lady Fingers down


top with cream and place in the fridge for night.

before serving: with sharp small knife separate the cake from the dish

Collage2ause the remaining cream mixture for touch ups ( optional)

DSC_0201rtop it with fresh berries or something I always have on hand: dark chocolate