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Friday is here! It looks like we will have a cold an rainy weekend but for some reason I am not sad at all. I actually feel like staying at home and trying  some new recipes, having nice glass of red wine, watching movies and playing games with a family.       WE LOVE BOARD GAMES. We already have a small collection but we are always open to new ideas. Last week, we visited our local Teacher’s supply store and as usually, we left with something more then just books. The owner ( very knowledgeable gentleman)  has huge selection of educational games that we couldn’t  find anywhere else ( with the exception of the internet). This time, he recommended “Gobblet!” It is a little like a Tic Tac Toe but with a twist.  Challenging and very exciting strategy game! Maria and Bryan absolutely love it! If you are looking for well designed game that requires logical thinking then this is the game for you!


the game comes with a wooden box ( no more broken cardboard packaging)!


very neat design



and here comes the twist: you can gobble up your opponent’s smaller pieces!

Have a great weekend!