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Paddle board – super family fun!

If you asked me what was the best purchase we made in the last few months I will say, the paddle board! Every year we allow our kids to choose a present for a good report card and all the hard work they did over the entire school year. We encourage them to choose something they really like and will benefit for a long time.

Maria quickly picked her reward but Bryan had a little trouble. He didn’t want another Lego set or anything like that so he took his time to really think about it. Finally, he came to us with a big smile and announced: mom, dad I wish I could get a paddle board. We loved the idea since we like to spend time outside, so I started to surf the internet in search for a paddle board.

My enthusiasm slowly went down when I realised that those things are quite expensive, but I decided to not give up and continue looking. Then I came across a junior board. Luckily Bryan is only 11 so I thought it might work! Even better, it was on sale at Canadian Tire stores. We rushed to the store and saw that there was only one left, in bright green colour waiting for us.  Of course we took it home with us and let me tell you how good this thing is! It is much bigger then we thought it would be and it easily carries each of us. Thanks to Bryan’s idea we had lots of fun this summer!